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The Ideas Digital Forum 2018 was a two-day symposium held in partnership with the Ontario Association of Art Galleries and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in response to the ever evolving digital ecosystem of contemporary Canadian Art.

Senior leadership of these art galleries, funding agencies, artists, and curators are focused on learning how to effectively use this digital technology to help create, engage, and deliver on the core business of public art galleries. This symposium provided an opportunity to pause, pivot, and reimagine how artists and galleries respond more effectively to the challenges, issues, and opportunities of the digital era.

The Ideas Digital Forum 2018 website is intended to assist public art galleries, museums, institutions, and professionals from the visual arts sector to navigate the intersections of art and digital technologies, and how to integrate this meaningfully into art gallery and museum spaces. It will provide you with the necessary resources to effectively curate, collect, and conserve new media works, and use them for education and audience engagement purposes.

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