Day One

October 12, 2018

8:45 AM – 9:30 AM

Opening Registration

9:30 AM

Inauguration / Welcome  

First Session: Asking the Right Questions

In this session broad conceptual and systemic questions will be highlighted in the opening note and questions from the participants will be gathered and collated. These questions will be referred to throughout the two-day deliberations and will be reflected upon to forge a collective path forward.

9:40 AM

Opening Note

Setting the agenda – Zainub Verjee  

10:00 AM

Keynote – Mohammed Salemy

10:40 AM

Listening In: Participant Break-up

Following the Opening Note, Participants will be divided into smaller groups to facilitate the process of raising collectively questions in four categories:

  • Artist Practices
  • Audiences- communication, storytelling, and engagement
  • Collections & Exhibitions
  • Digital Competencies

11:30 AM


11:45 AM

Scott Benesiinaabandan Presentation

Scott Benesiinaabandan discusses his practice and his work Physic Mysteries, Blood Memories in the RMG exhibition Inaabawin.

12:05 PM

Responsive Keynote – Niranjan Rajah

This session will see the first response to the set of questions raised in the form of a Responsive Keynote.

12:45 PM


Second Session: State of the Field

In this session we will discuss the current practices embedded in the histories of intersection between art, science, and technology and at the same time discuss the imperatives of ephemeral technologies and its impact on artmaking.

1:45 PM

Art Now / Art Next

Caroline Langill,  Niranjan Rajah, Faisal Anwar, Jessica Thompson, Nell Tenhaaf (Moderator)

3:20 PM


3:30 PM

Canada Council Digital Strategy Fund presentation with Sylvie Gilbert

Director, Digital Strategy Fund, Sylvie Gilbert will present and discuss the state of funding.

3:50 PM

Third Session: Alison Humphrey Presentation and Tour

Alison Humphrey speaks to her practice and work Shadowpox in the RMG exhibition Public Notice. Followed by Exhibition Tour.

4:15 PM

Friday Evening Reception and Networking Mixer

Day Two

October 13, 2018

8:45 AM


Fourth Session: Gallery Making / Re-Making

This session focuses on how different art galleries have undertaken respective strategies to respond to the impact of digital technology as its core business.

9:30 AM

Three Case Studies of Art Galleries Response to the Digital Ecosystem

  1. Rozemin Keshvani, Whitechapel Gallery, UK
  2. Lianne Davison on Surrey Art Gallery
  3. New Westminster Gallery Co-Directors & Co-Curators Gordon Duggan and Sarah Joyce

11:10 AM


11:25 AM

Q & A and Facilitated Discussion on the Case Studies

12:00 PM


Fifth Session: Exhibition Making / Re-Making

To lead the discussion on the emergence of sites of Exhibition Making – the interfaces and materials. How are these works reflecting various themes such as gender-technology debate; ephemeral art; modes of productions and its implication for collection and art historical discourse, DIY culture and new tools.

1:00 PM

Digital Technology & the Art Gallery: Exhibition, Collection, Audience

This panel will engage in discussions about prospective developments and application of Digital Technology in Audience Engagement, Immersive Exhibitions, Collection of Ephemeral Artworks, Accessibility, etc.

Panel: Jean Gagnon , Srinivas Krishna, David Bobier, Zach Pearl

Moderator: Rozemin Keshvani

3:00 PM


3:15 PM

Sixth Session: Learnings and Reflections

We started with a set of questions and towards the end we take into consideration how we have addressed them or how do we need to re-calibrate our responses to the learnings from the symposium? This session will bring together the thematic questions and nut-bolts issue to the fore allowing participants a distinct take away to their respective institutions.

Facilitators: Zainub Verjee and Niranjan Rajah

4:15 PM